Club History

This club originated with a small group of people who were interested in education of people to become better dog trainers, to be better hunters, and have better Hunt Test dogs. This small group of people first convened in early April of 2001 and started talking about forming a club to educate and help people train their retrievers.

The original members started meeting during the summer of 2001 to discuss their goals and objectives. The first item of business was to give the club a name. The Treasure Valley covers a large area in Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon, so that name won the popular vote.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • To educate handlers, owners, and the general public and to encourage and promote quality in the breeding and field testing of purebred hunting retrievers and to do everything possible to bring their natural abilities to perfection.
  • To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of hunting retrievers through education and by encouraging sportsmanlike participation at hunt tests.
  • To conduct approved and licensed hunt tests under the rules and regulations for hunting retrievers.
  • To educate handlers, owners, and the public at large in the use of training of purebred hunting retrievers.
  • To educate and encourage the training of hunt test judges.
  • To promote and educate the use and training of hunting retrievers as a conservation tool for the sound management and use of all of our wildlife resources.

A large basis of our club membership is hunters and dog owners who want to learn how to improve the natural abilities of their retrievers. There are several professional dog trainers in our group, and several very passionate hunt test or field trial event members. We hold two hunt tests each year, an annual banquet, several training days, and handler seminars.